One Dress, Two Ways

Hello Nook & Sea readers! It’s so fun to meet you and I can’t wait to be a regular part of Kristina’s blog. My hope is that through my features you can find fashion, beauty and style inspiration to add to all of the other wonderful inspiration you are already getting from this site! I love that beauty and style truly encompasses so many aspects of our lifestyles, and that one can express themselves in so many different ways.

Ok, now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to tell you about one of my favorite style “secrets.” I’m definitely not the first person to come up with the idea of remixing outfits and pieces in my closet, but what’s so fun is that this idea looks different to every person. I get so much satisfaction out of creating completely different looks by only changing a few things. Here I took a dress that doesn’t get a ton of wear (though I absolutely love it), and found two totally different ways to style it. The first is more traditional, most likely for a fun night out, or even a summer party. I’m a big fan of bright and bold accessories with neutral and classic pieces underneath!
The second look completely dresses this outfit down (and originated when I wanted to wear this dress, but thanks to a spot on it, the only logical solution seemed to be throwing a sweater over it). Now you’re ready for a coffee date, or even a comfy day of running errands!
The best part about mixing and matching pieces is the extra mileage you’ll create out of your wardrobe – which is not only fun to see how creative you can be, but also saves lots of money! Do you already do this with your clothes? I would love to know some of the fun combos you’ve come up with yourself!