green bean cherry tomato salad


People, my copy of Real Girl’s Kitchen came today, and I am ready to get my cookin’ on! This particular recipe is exclusive to the RGK show on Ora TV {watch the video here}, and is amazingly tasty and easy to prep. The hubs and I made this for dinner after a long day of work and added a little grilled chicken for protein {which is perfect since I always find myself hungry just right before bedtime}! Until I get that well-lit dream kitchen with the cutest girly tools ever {like this, or this, or this}, you’ll have to pardon my lack of step-by-step photos on this one : )

Here’s how ya do it:

1. Blanche a full bag of green beans after snipping off the ends {I used organic} by cooking them for 2 mins in boiling water, then plopping them into an ice bath to prevent them from cooking further. Take them out of the ice bath after a few minutes, rinse them in a colander, and return them to a mixing bowl.

2. Grill up about 1 lb. of chicken breast, and dice once cooked completely. Add into the bowl with the green beans.

3. Quarter your cherry tomatoes, chop some dill {however much you want} and add those in as well.

4. Prep a simple dressing on the side: 1 TSP whole grain mustard, a splash of red wine vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Mix well and pour over your salad. You  may want to make extra and leave it on the table for guests to add on.

5. Add a dash of salt and pepper to taste, and use tongs or a spoon to toss the salad until ready!

This dish is the perfect size for two {we tend to share anyways}, and even saved half for lunch the next day.

Can’t wait to show you what I try next!

Thanks for reading!





eric’s chia seed pudding


It’s almost the workweek again?! Say it isn’t so! If you’ve got a case of the Sunday Blues, this recipe is sure to help you forget all about it {and instead, dream of gooey, pudding goodness}. We recently picked up some chia seeds at the grocery store and thought we’d give it a try in our breakfast smoothies and dessert for a healthy kick in the caboose. Chia {yep, those same seeds used to sprout funny-looking “hair” on your Chia Pet in the 1980’s} are concentrated and bursting with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, calcium and antioxidants, so it’s not really pudding, ya? ; )

After researching other recipes online, we decided to make our own. The result was surprisingly sweet and simple!


Here’s what you’ll need {Serves 4}:

75 grams chia seeds (roughly half of a 5.3 oz packet)

2 cups almond milk

1 TSP vanilla extract

1 TBS white granulated sugar

Fresh or frozen strawberries

Powdered sugar

Sealable mason jar


Measure out your seeds {these can be put in whenever, but we added them last}. Fill the mason jar with 2 cups almond milk, and add in your vanilla and sugar.


Next, slowly add in your chia seeds in intervals. I find it best if you add a little, close the lid, shake it up, add a little, close the lid, shake it up…


Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your puuuudding.

Back to the pudding.


Once all your seeds are in and well-mixed, stick the jar in the fridge for 4-6 hours {or overnight if you feel like it}.


After the refridge, the pudding should be similar to tapioca, but with a lot more fun texture {remember, it’s not a custard, so it won’t be crazy thick} and it will fall very slowly out of the jar.


Top with strawberries and powdered sugar, and eat up! This would also look amazing with freshly-sliced banana, and keep well if you want to pack it for lunch {but add the powdered sugar later}.

Side note: I had to make two bowls while photographing them, so I ate two. Don’t judge.

Any other chia recipes you’re dying to try?

Make it a fab week, friends.





f r i d a y


TGIF! We made it!!!

After a long week, there’s nothing more I want to do than plop on the couch and stuff my face with junk food {let’s get real here, that would be my dream job}. Speaking of dreaming, I spotted a few must-haves for summer while surfing the web {surfing, another dream}. Anyone with me?

The ever-classic Comfort Sofa from PB {coziness at it’s finest}

West Elm’s Crewel Circlet Pillow Cover in Blue Lagoon

Darling Lovell Buttondown shirt from Anthro {on sale!}

Mail-order recipes from Blue Apron {put to the test by Joanna Goddard this week}

Veronika’s Open Triangle Necklace – a steal at $15.00 buckaroonies!

Happy weekend Sea-er’s!






a whale of an obsession


By Janeane Pittman

I’ve recently had a bit of an obsession with whales when it comes to decor. There’s something about their large presence and how they’ve captivated my attention since a junior high field trip. Seeing God’s creation in the sea made me at peace and felt as though time stood still! It was like they were flying under water with such grace and ease. Capturing the essence of this powerful and graceful creature in art and accessories are plentiful these days – here are some of my favorites!



To create a design that incorporates a whale, try not to go overboard, (take this streamlined office with minimal furnishings and accessories, for example). The large statement sculpture of a white whale on the back wall creates a relaxed feeling without being too kitschy.


Pallet Whale Wooden Nautical Art Beach House Decor | Slippin Southern via Etsy | $189

Weathered pallet wood is just the type of piece that can bring the feeling of the sea into your home. If you want a smaller, softer approach, adding pillows with whale imagery to your bedding or sofa will add a bit of fun too!


Worth Your Whale Pillowcase Set | Modcloth | $29.99

Tabletop options like whale-shaped baskets and bookends add whimsy to any room. I can see these nestled in a shelving unit or in a grouping on a console.


Rope Whale Storage Basket | Dot & Bo | $67.99


Start to Fin Bookends | Modcloth | $54.99

Varied installations are great to do when done the right way, like with these whale tale hooks (below). Lined up in a mudroom on white paneled walls, it gives impact without being overly done. They also give functional art to the space that can be used everyday.



This coastal accessory can add so much to your home! I hope I have inspired you to add a little bit of whale whimsy to your space!

- Janeane



herb skinny salad: recipe trial from real girl’s kitchen


Summer is here and SoCal has no shortage of hot, plentiful sunshine! On a quest for some healthy and refreshing dishes, I happened upon this amazing salad recipe from Haylie Duff over at Real Girl’s Kitchen.

{Side note: I absolutely ADORE the Duff sisters… like, really really REALLY adore them}.

But you want to get to that recipe, ya? Onward!

This “Herb Skinny Salad” was featured in Haylie’s detox getaway away with the girls, and it was so unique, I had to give it a try {see the Real Girl’s Kitchen episode here}. So at family lunch this weekend, I decided to prep this salad to a) prove that my kitchen skills do in fact exist, and b) contribute a healthy, new dish to our recipe books. Overall, it was a piece of cake (mmmm… cake) and easily fed our hungry party of 6 with plenty to spare!

Bonus: It just so happens to be gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free {minus the lemon juice}, organic, vegetarian AND vegan – all at the same time {and add raw to that list if you opt out of using the toasted pine nuts}. Take that Whole Foods!!!


What you’ll need {for all ingredients, choose organic if you’d like}:

1 bunch romaine lettuce

5 thinly sliced radishes

1 thinly sliced carrot

1 thinly sliced cucumber

1/4 cup chopped green onions (or green garlic)

1/2 cup chopped mint

1/2 cup chopped dill

Handful of cherry tomatoes (in my case, 1 medium tomato)

1/4 cup toasted pine nuts

1 cubed avocado

1/2 squeezed lemon

drizzle of olive oil

sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper


First, rinse the romaine, tearing off the whitish ends near the root, and continue tearing the leaves with your hands to form the salad instead of using a knife {a tip from Haylie: this helps the edges not to turn brown}. Once the main body of greens are prepped, thinly slice up your radishes, carrot and add them in. Beautiful already!

Nook-and-Sea-Blog-Beach-Living-Food-Recipes-Cooking-Healthy-Easy-Salad-Vegetables-Veggies-Green-Vegan-Family-Avocado-Radish-Carrot-Romaine-Onion-Cucumber-Mint-Dill-Tomatoes-Pine-Nuts-Lemon-Juice-Salt-Pepper-Olive-Oil-Haylie-Duff-Inspired-Real-Girls-Kitchen-Hilary-Duff-7Continue by chopping your cucumbers {I cut mine in half first, then sliced the two halves at the same time to make them a little easier to eat}, green onions, tomatoes, and avocado. Luckily, I was able to find an avocado that was perfectly ripe – a tip to use at the grocery store is to pick off the brown nub at the top, and if it’s green underneath, the avocado inside is green and ready to show off {just remember to press softly to test for actual fruit ripeness – you may want to buy one a couple days before to ensure it’s good to go}.


Instead of using store-bought dressing, Haylie opts for a homemade version instead {which guarantees it’s free of any preservatives}! Using your dill, mint, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, drizzle of olive oil and a dash of coarse sea salt and pepper, you should have the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Add in the toasted pine nuts, and you’re ready to party!


As the summer sun was setting, the Herb Skinny Salad received rave reviews. For future batches, I would love to try using a little less dill, but everyone commented on just how delicious, simple, and unique the flavors were {not to mention how crazy healthy it is}! This is easily a year-round salad to accompany a large family meal or to enjoy as a dish all on its own!

Check out Haylie’s cookbook and blog, watch full episodes at Ora TV, and stay tuned for more recipe attempts from yours truly.

Wish me luck ; )










If you’ve ever had to make a big fork-in-the-road, planning-for-the-rest-of-your-life, no-turning-back decision in your life {which I’m sure most of us have}, then you understand just how exhausting, confusing, and sometimes seemingly quit-worthy the process can be. How do I know what the right choice is? Is option A a good pick? Is option B wrong? Are any of them wrong? Should I just pick one and try it out? What will happen if something doesn’t go right? Does that mean I’ve made a mistake?

Sometimes, you just want someone else to be driving.

Over the past few months, I’ve gone back and forth {maybe a hundred times} on a God-sized question lingering in my tiny little human brain, not stopping to realize that first and foremost, God has already chosen my path for me. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your path straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6) was my leading life verse in high school and college, yet somehow it didn’t seem to help me. Maybe I had become hardened, stubborn, and more “instinctual” like the rest of the world.

But I know that often what feels like “human instinct” is in fact, the Holy Spirit, working on God’s behalf to guide you through it all. Our Counselor. Our Decision-Maker.

Our Driver.

So I feel free. Happy, in God’s favor, and joyous that His decisions are mine too!

Be blessed my friends.






please welcome: janeane pittman

Hi everyone! I have very exciting news {drumroll please}! As you well know, Nook & Sea works with a team of fantastic contributors, and today, we welcome a fresh new face. Janeane Pittman of Janeane Pittman Interior Design in Huntington Beach. Janeane is coming onboard as Interior Design Contributor and I am stoked to introduce you to her amazing style, warm heart, and cheery, wonderful words. Take it away Janeane!


Often, I am asked what I do for a living and I have the pleasure of saying that I am an interior designer.  More likely than not, the response I get back is “FUN!”  After years of school and having hours of laboring under my belt, I sometimes did not feel that term that quite summed up my job.  It was not long though that I realized this is exactly what every one of my client’s needs to feel.  They need to have a fun time with the process of selecting what will go into their home.


I almost feel like an invader as I have been a Nook & Sea follower for a long time and now here I am writing an article introducing myself to the rest of you.  So, hello everyone, my name is Janeane Pittman and I am an interior designer (FUN)! : )  The essence of Nook & Sea has always been something I have admired.  Easy and breezy, uplifting, creative, and faith building are just some of the words I can quickly come up with.  These are qualities I have embraced in my life and they naturally spill over into my work as a designer.  


Designing a home is an extremely personal process.  You want to reflect your personality through style and have a space function to suit your lifestyle.  Finding that personal style is what I specialize in.  That is one of the biggest reasons my portfolio has so many different styles.  I am not here to take over your home, rather be a tool to make the most of what your hard earned money can purchase.  Janeane Pittman Interior Design offers services ranging from full service design to e-Design.  I want to make design accessible to people with both large and small projects.

To sum up what I personally love…color, lots of color, mixing patterns, art, statement wall treatments, always having at least one item in a room that makes people go “What?”, vintage, and incorporating heirloom pieces.  I also have a healthy obsession with bluebirds.  Well, I think the list could go on, but that might get a little boring.  I am so excited to be a part of Nook & Sea with Kristina as the new Interior Design Contributor.  I am looking forward to writing about design that you can hopefully use for your own home.

So, have FUN, and until next time, be blessed.