ridin’ waves


I realize the title of this post is quite ironic since I have never actually surfed (sad), but nonetheless, it perfectly describes the ebb-and-flow of this next season of life that I am entering into.

While it may come as a surprise to some, I’ve been actively searching for a new occupation for the last 10 months – something that I love dedicating my time to, work which I can be absolutely passionate about and a place where I can use my background and skills to be an integral part of a team. After countless interviews (literally), three offers and a whole lot of God’s timing, I ran with an opportunity that is just too amazing to pass up. Beginning next week, I will start life as a Production Coordinator for a creative video agency – I can’t wait to dive in.

While the new job will definitely absorb a lot of my time, I have no plans to stop blogging. It may not be every day, but I will be here in some capacity. Now that I’m officially settled and we know what options we have in terms of living location, I’m sure I’ll have some fun decor updates for the summer (liiiiiike, finally finishing up the paint in the living room after 6 months).

Thanks for your personal support, encouragement and leads! You all are truly incredible.

Hope you have a fab Monday!